Harmon Foundation Modern African Art Collection Statistics

Article by Tashae Smith and Elizabeth Robson

In celebration of completing our survey, we are sharing some interesting statistics about the collection. In sharing these statistics, we hope to spread more awareness about the composition of this awe-inspiring collection of art. 

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The Paradox of Light: Necessary but Damaging

Article by Elizabeth Robson

Light is an unavoidable element of our environment, but it causes irreversible changes to artworks, and therefore is considered one of the agents of deterioration. Read more about how conservators address this paradox here!

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Christianity, Art, and the Harmon Foundation: Part 1

Article by Tashae Smith

Christianity, art, and the Harmon Foundation. How are these all connected? For Part I of Christianity, Art, and the Harmon Foundation, we will be learning about the Harmon Foundation’s involvement in creating and producing Christian missionary films.

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Virtual Tree House Summer Camp

Article by Elizabeth Robson and Tashae Smith

In July, we had the opportunity to participate in Hampton University Museum’s Tree House Summer Camp, which this year was a virtual program for children ages 5-12. We described the basics of what a curator and a conservator do, and conducted several activities to help them practice each role.

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About the Fellowship

A partnership between the Chrysler Museum or Art and the Hampton University Museum

Survey, Inventory, Conservation, Storage

In 2021, The Chrysler Museum of Art, in partnership with the Hampton University Museum was awarded a $500,000 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The highly competitive grant aims to diversify the field of Curation and Conservation by conducting a three-year pilot fellowship program for two aspiring museum professionals who have completed master’s degrees. The curatorial fellow, Tashae Smith, and the conservation fellow, Elizabeth Robson, will examine the Chrysler Museum’s traditional African collection and Hampton University Museum’s Harmon Foundation Collection of Modern African Art. Their work will demonstrate the ongoing importance of collecting, preserving and studying non-Western art.

About The Fellowship
Survey, Inventory, Conservation, Storage

Thank you to our partners

For making this fellowship possible

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